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On September 1992, MHOTIVO´S Foundation was established by a group of businessmen in San Pedro Sula to contribute to the education and development of Honduras. This was done with the support of experts in the pedagogical, legal, administrative and engineering fields who dedicated themselves to establish the foundation’s basic operating procedures.

The Foundation has successfully gone through several stages since its creation. The first stage started with the definition of its strategic objectives, its mission and vision, the identification of the areas of geographic influence, the target population and the establishment of strategic alliances that would allow the construction of the buildings.

In 1998, the second stage began with the creation of the Preschool level which developed a program of academic formation for children from low-income families.

In 2001, the third stage began with the Elementary Level, the implementation of the program of Values, the Computer Laboratory and the Parent´s Support Group.

In 2008, the fourth stage culminated with the completion of the High School building. The Foundation set as a goal to carry the MHOTIVO model to other parts of the country as well as to promote community programs and projects.

Our Vision

To be an organization that implements high quality educational programs based on excellence, moral values and national identity while developing research and generating information on national educational programs.

Our Mission

We are an organization that promotes high quality educational programs for children and adults with limited economic resources, based on the individual and the development of high moral, spiritual and national identity values, as well as environmental education and the promotion of corporate/social responsibility.


· Promote self-esteem among children and young people transforming a positive attitude toward their lives, family and Society.

· Train youngsters in our country to emphasize the importance of spiritual, moral and civic values framed in a comprehensive bilingual education, inculcating them patriotic love and solid national identify.

· Develop leadership in the student though a philosophy of “Citizen Participation”

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy fits into four concepts:

· Development of self-esteem and leadership.

· Spiritual, moral and Civic Values formation.

· Excellence in Formal/Technical education.

· Family consolidation.

We are convinced that through moral, spiritual and civic values we will assist new generations to achieve their integral and sustainable development.

We are prepared to provide bilingual and technical education with excellence to assure future generations the necessary knowledge to succeed in a changing, competitive environment.

Who are we?

Aware and concerned about the social and economic situation of the country, the MHOTIVO Foundation was created in 1992 by visionary businessman in their will to develop educational programs of excellence based on moral, spiritual and identity values necessary for the integral development of the learners, enabling them to become agents of change as well as protagonists of the 21st century.

MHOTIVO Educational Model

Mhotivo School offers boys and girls with limited economic resources an alternative to develop their intellectual, artistic, emotional and sports capabilities to the highest levels. This is achieved by putting at their disposal the necessary educational elements to contribute to their comprehensive learning. Likewise, by promoting values such as: self-respect and respect to others, responsibility, honesty, and discipline, emphasizing the importance of family, spirituality and Honduran traditions.

Our purpose is to prepare future Honduran citizens to deal with the 21st century challenges and to have a clear social and ecological commitment.

The school´s financial sustainability lies in the contributions that people with goodwill and private enterprises pay every month to cover the operating costs of the institution.

To this day, 1076 students attend our educational buildings distributed as follows: Pre-School (331 students), Elementary School (487 students), and HighSchool (258 students).

Our first cohort of students began their studies in 1998 and graduated from the 11th grade on June of 2012.

We currently have 832 sponsors, including private enterprises and individuals who have decided to support the project with the donation of scholarships for young people from low-income families.

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