Become A Beverage Superstar

NOTE: We are currently not running this program*

GAB Providing Opportunity for Everyone. We help YOU DIRECTLY to pursue your Beverage Idea Dream. You have a dream? We have an opportunity.

How do YOU Become a Beverage Super Star?

GAB has designed programs where you can submit your beverage flavor or interesting design ideas to us and if we like it then we pursue it together with you! We involve you in the whole process from scratch until your beverage is completed. You can even put your name or pic on the can if you want! Yikes! Why not huh? Please look at our guidelines for summiting beverage ideas. Like all things in life it might not be that easy, but the reward is what counts! Did we mention we Love you? How cool is this? We hope you Love us back.

Our Goal is not simply growth we take on every project slowly assuring that we are keeping our promises and achieving our goals.

Rules of Engagement Beverage Idea Submision

( We might sound a bit serious on some of this, but hey you have to be serious sometimes if you wanna get stuff done right? )

1. Ofcourse we are all about culture and cool backgrounds and stories. We accept ideas from anyone of any age,gender,race and or religous belief around the world.

2. We want to protect you so when you submit your idea to us we sign a virtual agreement, yeah those annoying things you always agree to without even reading them, well ours is actually worrying about you this time! It basically says that your idea is yours and we will by no means copy it unless we mutually agree to do business together, and ofcourse we cover our butts too just because they tell us we need to. We suggest you read it for peace of mind.

3. You must show consumption of $200 or more on our products via receipts(for each submision), we will confirm them so please be honest! We only accept purchases made online or with a credit or debit card.

4. We want to get an idea of you, so you fill up basic facts sheet and then just tells a little bit about yourself and what you are about. Then tell us about your idea and why do you think people would like it. You can even send us a video if you prefer, pictures are always cool if you have any drawings or graphics. Remember be unique and original, and think of everyone else when making your beverage idea! Great things are achivied by thinking of others! Please study our branding as we like ideas that follow our view of uniqueness, culture, young looking healthy beverages, and you will be closer to meeting our idea criteria.

5. We want honest true people only, we beg you do not waste our time with phony interests. We would love to create beverages for everyone, but unfortantley that would be impossible! Well maybe some day! Who knows. But in the mean time please do not get upset with us if we do not follow through on your beverage idea. It doesnt mean it sucks or is not good or anything like that. It just means that we are either stupid for not looking at the potential, your beverage does not meet our idea criteria or we dont have the cash to launch another beverage at the moment in the market. Remember if we dont take good care of our finances then we can go out of business and many people would be affected by it around the world. But we are cool and you may change it and re-submitt it as many times as you want.

6. After you submit your idea to us, we will request an actual sample of what you want to create, we will then explain to you the guidelines for sending samples to us.

7. All expenses incurred in creating and submitting your idea to us made by you are your responsibility.

8. Again just be honest, creative, unique, cultured, follow our image meet our idea criteria! Most importantly have fun while you do it!

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