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Beverages are consumed all day various times a day by everyone, whether is water, tea or juice. Very cool, but what's even cooler is that now you can help make a difference by choosing the right brands that not only create amazing healthy good-tasting ALL NATURAL Beverages but also help you contribute with us to find innovative ways to educate, provide good health care and create opportunity for others.

  1. We believe that we are a product of our enviroment and our decisions. Not a product of our circumstances.
  2. We believe everyone should have the chance to do something great, something epic.
  3. If we fail people by not providing them with opportunity, to be educated, to eat well, to be healthy, there will be more crime, more poverty, more unwanted babies.
  4. If we help them, we all benefit. Its not just for them its for all of us.
  5. By providing opportunity to others primarly through education crime rates would lower, the economy would better and a rising middle class would grow.

What Is Cases for Causes

We use a portion of each case we sell to help fight the causes mentioned. But that's not it, we involve you in it we show you through pictures, videos, and testimonies of the work we do and most importantly YOU helped do.

During our Pre-Sale Campaigns when you buy cases directly from us online or any of our online merchants then you can pick where you want your money to go to, we will send you an email of where your money went with a picture of your efforts, and a personal letter from the child receiving the help. We also place your name (if you want) under our Founders Hall of Fame wall were place all the names of people who bought our products during our Pre-Sale Campaign and contributed to making the world a better place. As we grow bigger we will create cooler ways to engage the consumer with our Cases For Causes program.

We want to take it slow, we understand great things take time, and we want to create changes in an effective way, actually do what we say, and actually help. We want to make sure you come along for the ride! Our Vision is too be able to create model cities where underprivileged people can have housing, hospitals, schools, colleges, sports center. Our Vision is big the timing will depend on you. Lets Create OPPORTUNITY!


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